Bedrock Homes Price Protection Guarantee: If Bedrock Homes Limited reduces the selling price of the model of the home you are purchasing within 1 year of the date on the Purchase Agreement, we will refund to the Purchaser the difference in the model prices pre-GST, upon request. See Area Manager for details.


Celebration Dinner

You’re so clever and savvy, celebrate your ingenious idea to purchase a brand new Bedrock home.  You’ve read through a mountain of contracts. You’ve signed your name so many times you’re starting to think you’re a celebrity. You know you’re a big deal.  Let your friends and family experience what a big deal you really are. Enjoy dinner on us at one of the many restaurants that make up the Century Hospitality Group.

Pick up the tab and no one needs to know that you’re paying with a $100 preloaded gift card that we gave you.  Let them think you’re a HIGH ROLLER – come on you just bought a Bedrock Home!*


Moving-450x450pxFree Moving Service

Keep all the beer and pizza for yourself because you won’t need to ask a single friend for help on moving day. While you’re still wiping the cheese off your face, the professional movers from Integrity Movers will be filling their trucks with all of your worldly possessions. No need to struggle with that bulky canoe or make a special trip just for your beloved antique fuchsia armchair.

With Bedrock paying up to $1, 000 of your tab with Integrity Movers, you’ll be sitting pretty on moving day – or covered in pizza sauce.*

It doesn’t really matter.



House Warming Party

You desperately want to show off your new gorgeous home because you finally found the perfect spot for your canoe by the fireplace, HOWEVER your wildly irrational desire to keep the kitchen looking like a showhome forever is telling you otherwise. Does this sound familiar?

The professional caterers from Bridges Catering are here to save the day! Whether it’s a more intimate meal with family you’re looking for or a night of appetizers with friends, all of the food, dishes and décor will be brought right to your front door. Check out these sample parties our trusted caterer has put together or come up with your own. Bedrock Homes will cover up to $300 of your party!*




If we were a dog we’d be a golden retriever. Just like man’s best friend we’re always happy to see you when you walk in the door and we’ll try really hard not to jump up and lick your face. Licking your face in appreciation would be awkward anyway – so let us shower you with loot.

You… yes, you … will receive exclusive Advantage rewards at all of the Carrington Group of Companies. Hey, we have a lot of companies under our umbrella (Ella Ella, ay ay ay)… okay we promise not to sing Rihanna songs off key to you anymore.

When you receive your shiny new advantage card you will become a preferred customer. You’ll receive different offers and opportunities from us as they become available. You’ll receive rebates off future Bedrock Homes purchases, discounts on cars and savings on golf.


Get referral dolla dolla bills when you convince one of your friends to buy a swanky new pad from Bedrock. Does Grandma need a place to retire? Check out Lifestyles Options Retirement Communities. Yep, you get money back when Grandma settles in. I’m telling you we’re loyal; just don’t ask us to fetch your slippers.

When the referral you direct to us results in the sale of a new Bedrock home, we will express our appreciation by presenting you with $2,000! In addition, anyone who drops off a referral card with your name on it will be entered to win a Weekend Getaway valued at $500! Own a Bedrock Home? Click the icon to the left to download your referral cards today!



Notes from our Lawyer

Naturally, word of our fabulous benefits travelled around the office and when the company lawyer heard about our giveaways, his interest was piqued. Our minds raced, there goes the dream. Much to our surprise, he loved the ideas but like all good things they get “Lawyered”.

So here’s what you need to know (the fine print, if you will):

Bedrock Homes has no affiliation with either Integrity Movers or Bridges Catering. Purchasers must sign a contract provided by each individual business. All bookings for service are to be done by the purchaser with each service provider. Billings above credit provided by Bedrock Homes are the responsibility of the purchaser. For more details on the services provided or to see the rules and regulations please contact your Bedrock Homes Area Manager.

*Some conditions apply. Offers valid only for the Refine, Evolve & Essence home specifications. Not applicable for Emerge Specification.


Also Receive Free Shaw Service for a Year!


All new Bedrock homes come with a FREE one year Shaw cable package worth $1200! See the promotion details above or speak to one of our Area Managers.

Free Legal Service

Refine/Evolve/Essence/Emerge Specifications
Legal fees included in purchase price*
* If the Purchaser uses Bedrock Homes Limited’s approved law firm and the Collin Bruce Mortgage team.Excludes disbursement fees. Please see your sales consultant for details on Bedrock Homes Limited’s approved law firm and lender.

Click here for more information on the Collin Bruce Mortgage Team.

*Bedrock Benefits may not apply to all homes. Exceptions Apply, please see your Area Sales Manager for details.