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The Texada Condominium Suites offer stunning ocean views of the Georgia Strait and the coastal mountains. Located at the corner of McRobb Avenue and Uplands Drive in Nanaimo, BC.

Carrington Communities has been developing apartment style condominiums for 40 years. As a proud member of the Carrington Group of Companies including Bedrock Homes, which has been providing the Edmonton market with single family housing since 1999, and Carrington Resorts which offers recreational real estate opportunities, Carrington Communities is part of a diversified group of companies forming a powerful force in the housing industry.

Carrington’s expansion to the B.C. Coast focused on Vancouver Island as the greatest potential to develop and in particular Nanaimo.

The Texada features 2 / 5 / 10 year NATIONAL HOME WARRANTY, secured parkade, distinctive glass covered main entrance with a spacious lobby and two multi-purpose rooms.