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Please note tours work best in Internet Explorer. Mouse over the floorplans below to view detailed suite information. To pin the popup to the page click on the floorplan in the map. To enlarge the floorplans, click on the thumbnail in the popup or choose the “download pdf” option. Use the floor tabs at the top of the map to navigate between the floors of the building. Click the “x” to close the popup.

Floorplans, specifications, condo highlights and dimensions shown are approximate and are subject to change without notice. Condo availability may not reflect current market activity, please see an Area Project Manager for details.


Sales Information

4008 Savaryn Drive SW
Edmonton, Alberta

Google Map\Driving Directions
Project Sales Manager: Naveshni Abrahams
Phone: 780.761.3144
Email: arasales@carrington.ca
Showsuite Hours: Call for appointment